Baptise- christening

I recently became a godmother of  a sweet little angel!!
I spent a lot of hours to find all the clothes and the necessary things, for the baptise and at the end i had nothing... Ι am so weird that i couldn t find anything to fit  my taste at a logic price. A friend of mine, Marianna  who  is an excellent tailor and loves crafts, gave me the solution !! I draw the custom and she realised my wish. But i have to admit that my contribution was minimal. She must take  all the credit for the excellent result... Everybody loved her work and alleady people started to ask me for  her phone number. I think that she is starting a new carier:)) and she loves the idea!!

                                                                 i love the HAT!!!!!!!!!!

I made the boat at the box s cover
and from
who evolved them.
 i also made the martirikia, from big fildisi crosses with a bow from blue and red string that you could wear it as a necklash...


  1. You did a fantastic job......

  2. Τι ομορφιές είναι αυτές;
    Πάντα άξια και να ζήσει ο νεοφώτιστος!