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Little star

It is the 15th and we have our sketch challenge for you today.

Τhis months sketch comes from ..

and here is my layout

based on this sketch

Don't forget the winner of the sketch challenge
will come back as our layout guest designer, in Get Creative
in February 2013!!!

Xmas sweet

I managed to make one page, using the template from by megan turnidge , that has a template challenge on her blog and for the digital challenge from colorful creations.
Digi Challenge #4
Make a holiday layout using non traditional colors! 
You can use traditional colors, but they can't be the primary focus of your layout. It also doesn't have to be Christmas, it can be any holiday! 
Well i made a page using photos from our last christmas...

 and this template


December 1st Layout Challenge!!!

Are you ready to play?  
We wanted to get you into a holiday mood,
so for our first layout challenge
we have a game to play with you!!!


Here is our Bil-lingual Bingo card!

 So for your challenge you must create a layout 
using just the THREE elements that you have chosen,
any row vertically, horizontally or diagonally!  
There are a total of EIGHT combinations possible!

Apart from the 3 elements you choose
 you can use: cardstock & photos.
Inking & misting are allowed.
Feel free to add a title and journaling.

When uploading your layout please state which THREE elements you have chosen!

and here is what i made

I used the diagonal line: Pattern paper - paint - stitching

and don t forget!

 Our sponsor this month is

owner of the etsy shop

Christina has a love for all things washi tape
and will be offering a prize to the winner.
You can also go and LIKE her Facebook page!


Happy first birthday!

 For my son s first birthday, i made a quick invitation for our birthday party ...
a suprise box

for this suprise box soother invitation
 i used these

plus a permanent marker to write on the soother... My boxes was pink and i covered them with blue tissue paper( χαρτι αφής). And i cut the numbers from a cereal box...

And let me saw you what my elder son did!
  a mini album with pockets for his metal tags, made from carton!


fun in the park!

scrapbooking in Greece  has a new challenge, 
about a moment that made us smile, 
using a sketch. So here is what i made..


Believe it or not, it s 15th already!!

And it s time for our sketch challenge.
don't forget the winner of the sketch challenge
will come back as our layout guest designer
in January 2013 So get inspired and Get Creative!


and here is my page


Digi Dare #300

 this week let’s show a little gratitude for the simple things!
Dare Flair:
a minimal, white space page
1-2 photos
just a few elements
some journaling
text on a path (in your title or journaling)
 So i made a lo for the two most important women in my life, my mother and my aunt, which is like a second mother to me...


Card challenge winner ...

and my top three creations of my Pop Up card challenge.
It was very dffiicult for me to choose just one.
 so, my winner is

with this elegant and minimal xmas card. 
I really loved the use of red paper that shows in the inner of the presents
 and the vertical dotty letters.


but i also loved this three cards

with beautiful details and cute little stars, lovely colour combination and a whimsical snowman!


she made, a festive scene with lovely magnolias stamps and beautiful colours!

what i really loved in this card  is the bright ideas, like the carpet 
and the use of the photo in a frame!


Digital scrapbooking Day

 H φίλη μου Εrinaki έφτιαξε κάποιες φανταστικές σελίδες με αφορμη 
 την Digital scrapbooking Day 
και εγω μη μπορώντας να αντισταθώ,
 είπα να ακολουθησω το παραδειγμα της και να φτιάξω έστω μια σελίδα, 
αν και αυτή τη περίοδο είμαι λίγο πιεσμένη...
Έτσι έφτιαξα αυτη τη σελίδα με το μικρό μου γιο,
 ο οποίος τελευταία όλη μερα και όλη νυχτα πολεμά 
φανταστικούς δράκους, κακούς, Γιώργους :))
Τώρα θα αναρωτιέστε, Γιώργους?
Είναι ο μεγάλος του αδερφός και έχουν σχέσεις, αγάπης...:)

Happy Digital Scrapbooking Day!!!


Time flies...

 and it is November already!
After a month with card challenges
it is  time for a new  layout challenge, from Get Creative !!

your challenge is to make a layout using or more photos!!!

  Can t wait to see your creations!! 

Don t forget to visit Get Creative to see the prize from

Anastasia Teologlou 

and the amazing layouts that the desinging team did!!!



Και βέβαια βάπτιση χωρίς βαπτιστικα δε γίνεται! Η καλη μου φίλη Μαργιάνα λοιπόν, 
άκουσε όλες τις τρελές ιδέες μου και με πολλή δημιουργικότητα και αγάπη, 
γι αυτό που κάνει, έφτιαξε αυτα τα υπέροχα ρουχαλάκια...
Με κόκκινες λεπτομέρειες...

Ένα καταπληκτικό καπέλο

 (και η νονά μας κούκλα!!)

τα κεράκια, όπου έφτιαξα τα αερόστατα απο μπάλσα
 μια λάμπάδα την οποία λάτρεψα!

και όμορφα κεντημένα αερόστατα στις πετσετες και τα λαδόπανα...


στολισμός κολυμπήθρας αερόστατο

Λοιπόν, είπα να σας δειξω και το δικό μας στολισμό,
τον οποίο έφτιαξα με τα χεράκια μου. 
Τα αερόστατα είναι απο ξύλο μπαλσα και βαμένα.
Ελπίζω να σας αρέσει.


Στολισμός βάφτισης με θέμα βέσπες

Mια φίλη, μου ζήτησε, να της φτιάξω το στολισμό της κολυμπήθρας για τη βάφτιση του μικρού της. Ως θέμα ειχε τις βέσπες και τα παλια αυτοκίνητα... Ελπίζω να σας αρέσει.



Θέλω να ευχαριστήσω

τη joyscraft

που με επέλεξε,
για να μου δωσει, το πρωτο μου βραβείο!

πρέπει λοιπόν για να πάρω αυτό το βραβείο να κάνω τα εξής:

1.Να δημιουργήσετε link για το Blog που παραλάβατε το βραβείο!

2.Να τοποθετήσετε το βραβείο στο post σας..

3.Να δώσετε με τη σειρά σας το βραβείο σε 5 blogs με λιγότερο από 200 followers.

4.Να ειδοποιήσετε τα 5 blogs που επιλέξατε για το βραβείο.
αποφασισα λοιπον να δωσω αυτο το βραβειο στα εξής, ταλαντουχα κοριτσια:

Ελενα λατρεύω τις συνθέσεις της
Δεσποινα με όμορφες ιδέες
Μελιτινη που μας εντυπωσίασε με τις όμορφες καρτες της
αιθεροβαμων με τη ποιητική της γλωσσα και
Κική με τις ευφάνταστες συνθέσεις της....


Digi DARE #295

This week the dare is to extract a person (or persons) from a photo and then change the layer to black to create a silhouette.
This can be a traditional head-and-shoulders silhouette, full body silhouette or anything in between.
This technique would be great to use for a photo that has an interesting pose or one that doesn’t have the greatest quality.
Dare Flair
In addition to the silhouette extraction you’ll also need to use:
1. Brushes or textured overlays with text
2. A fun alpha for your title

I really loved this dare!!! My page isn t as good as i would like , but i really enjoyed making it!



Προσκλητηριο αεροστατο

Ετοιμαζόμαστε για τη βάφτιση του μικρού μας 
και είπα να σας δειξω το προσκλητήριο μας, 
με θέμα το αερόστατο
το οποιο σχεδίασα και έφτιαξα μόνη
Ελπίζω να σας αρέσει...

Όποιος το θέλει, για προσωπική χρηση μπορεί 
να επικοινωνησει μαζί μου για να του στειλω τo αρχείο...


So lets get started!!!!

your first challenge is to make a


As a digital designer, 
I had  a hard time
preparing my cards,

but I am pretty sure that your cards, are going to be amazing!

The winner of my challenge is going to win


The challenges will be running till the 29th of October

 the winners will be announced on the 31st of October

So...have fun and ...

We celebrate

Good morning everyone
Over at the 
we are holding our
annual month of card making!
We had such a fantastic response last year 
that we will do it every year!

October 6th is

 World Card Making Day

so in honour of this we will hold challenges all month

13 challenges in all
and 13 prizes 

of course it is a double celebration
as we celebrate
Get Creatives
2nd birthday!!

so come and join us in an hour 
10 am EEST
as we kick off with the first challenge
of our month of challenges

Καλώς ήρθατε στον ετήσιο μήνα
δημιουργίας καρτών
του Get Creative!

 Είχαμε τέτοια φανταστική ανταπόκριση πέρσυ
που θα το κάνουμε πλέον κάθε χρόνο!

Στις 6 Οκτωβρίου είναι η

 Παγκόσμια Ημέρα Δημιουργίας Καρτών

και για να την τιμήσουμε θα έχουμε προκλήσεις όλο τον μήνα

συνολικά 13 προκλήσιες
και 13 βραβεία 

Φυσικά η γιορτή είναι διπλή
καθώς γιορτάζουμε
2α γενέθλια του
Get Creative!!

Ελάτε λοιπόν μαζί μας σε μία ώρα

στις 10 πμ ώρα Ελλάδας
καθώς θα ξεκινήσουμε με την πρώτη πρόκληση
για αυτόν τον μήνα γεμάτο προκλήσεις.


Get Creative sketch challenge

based on Melenia s sketch

for September s  15th layout sketch challenge of  Get Creative
 Melenia s sketch

Don't forget the winner of the challenge
will come back as a  guest designer
for the month of November....


Septembers challenge, allready!!!!

So lets get on with the
1st layout challenge for September
our challenge this month is based on this  photograph  to be inspired!

 nothing is impossible!

Dont forget to link up your creations by the 29th of September
the winner of the layout challenge will win this prize



Time for vacation

 For Get creative, this month, the challenge is to make a lo based on a sketch from

And here is mine

Our sponsor for this month is
Get Creative Embellishments
with a prize for both card and layout challenges

Dont forget you have until 
August 30th
to upload your creations!


July 1st layout sketch challenge


This month we have to make a page, for Get Creative, based on Melenias sketch!
And here is my page, for my baby s first, running race....

Our sponsor this month 
owned by our very own
she is offering 2 prizes this month 
one for the layout winner and one for the card winner

this is the prize for the layout winner...


15th june sketch challenge

Our sketch today is designed by

 and here is my layout based on the sketch

and our gifts are from
GetCreativeEmbellishments  which is sponsoring 4 packs of amazing embellishments
2 for the layout winner 
and 2 for the card winner

You have until the 29th of June
 to upload your creations