Ι had a wonderfull morning  yesterday. Αnd inspired by the spirit of celebration and the excitement that I saw my kids to march, sing and dance :)) . I  made another page with the colors of our national flag. I hope you like it..   

template from Akizo
thank you it is great!!



                                                 template from C Shneider, leaves from AKIZO


new frames from Three Paper Peonies

a sneak peek from her new work

Its seems great!!


I made a layout for  http://craftycroppersgr.blogspot.com/2010/10/15-october-15th-challenge.html
I loved the idea... But i have to admitte i had a hard time to find something and i didnt feel very creative.



 I made this invitations for my sons birthdays,   i hope you ll find them inspirational

1st year

My son made his handprint and i wrote the invitation with a 3D fabric paint

2nd year

Because of luck of time i bought cards and i gave them to my little one to paint them ,with his fingers He loved it!!!

3rd year

  a simple balloon with a handmade card saying the infos
4th year

Pirate party theme: a bottle with shells and a map made from HP birthday invitation and EPSONS paper
I also made little cheches and i organised a pirate treasure hunt. I took photos from our house, with furnitures and rooms and printed them on cards. It was a big success.

5th year

 Spinderman party and a puzzle nvitation.  
I found a photo from spidermans site and i added the bubble in photoshop Then i printed it and paste it on foam I also covered them with adhesive plastic cover, for more endurance and finally cut them. I printed the template for the bag from http://familycrafts.about.com/library/projects/bltemplfrbag.htm

and  for my second son

1st year

I kept the bottles from  my sons birth, since i never used them. We had a beach party so i put incide shells and sand. For the guests i put sweets inside the bottles and labels with their names

2nd year

He loves boats and we had a lot of fun when he painted the papers from which i made the paper boats.

3rd year

My little pirate! He adores pirates, so i made these monoculars and i wrote the invitation on the membran with a DVD marker. I used toilet tube and cups for hot drinks and painted them.