New at Plain Digital Wrapper!

Beautiful new kits at Plain Digital Wrapper!

 Κit Madison from ARTGAL designs [ link

                                                    Transit City kit from Artgal

 Nate's Room kit from Mizz Dea designs
[ link ]

   for Pdw challenge white space
lucky clover kit from Alexis designs [ link ]

taking part at PDW challenge
 Moonlight Bay kit from Southern Creek Designs at [ link ]

little dreamers collab
[ link ]


DIY easy Mini KITE!

Make a mini kite from recycling materials
You need:   3 plastic grossery bags
                  3 sticks cut in same lenght
                  1 stick roll the string and  hold the kite
                  and some string the longer the better...

You tight the 3 sticks in the middle to create a hexagon. Then you cut and attach the first bag on the edge of the sticks. You open a small hole in the middle of the bag, where you tighten the sticks  and make a small knot. You make a Y with this string from the  middle  and  the edges of two sticks. This is the most important part you must make an isosceles triangle. Finally you attach a string for the tail, again in Y shape and you tight shredded pieces from the bags. The longer the tail the better it flies... The string that starts from the middle of you kite can be as long as you like. Take the edge of the string and wind it around the last stick. If it doesn t fly you must check your trianle again....

Υλικά: 2-3 πλαστικές σακούλες
            3  ίσα ξυλαράκια ή καλάμια
            1 ξυλαράκι να τυλίξετε το σπάγγο
             και σπάγκο

Σχηματίζετε με τα 3 ξυλαράκια ενα εξάγωνο κ τα δένετε στη μέση.  Προσαρμόζετε τη σακούλα στις ακρες των ξυλων  τη στερεώνετε με λίγο σπάγγο και τη κόβετε. Ανοιγετε μια τρυπα στη μεση της σακούλας απο οπου περνάτε το σπάγκο και σχηματιζετε Υ .  Πρέπει να σχηματίσετε ισοσκελές τρίγωνο, αυτα είναι τα ζύγια και το πιο σημαντικό για το πέταγμα. Φτιάχνετε την ουρά δένοντας πάλι σε σχημα Υ και αφου κοψετε τις σακουλες σε κομμάτια τις βάζετε ανα διαστήματα ή τις ανοιγετε ωστε να σχηματισουν μια μακρια ουρά. Οσο μακρυτερη τοσο καλύτερη. Τυλίγετε το σπάγκο γυρω απο το ξυλαράκι σας και ο χαρταετός είναι ετοιμος...


sketch challenge

Goodmorning all!
we have a beautiful sketch for you to play with
at Get Creative
hope you join in

the sketch is designed by the talented 

Elina Katechi

and here is my layout

new kit Erin from Paste Optional Designs [ link ]
The winner of this challenge will come back as our guest designer
in May 2013
dont forget to upload your layouts by March 30th


Freebie time!!!

   I finally managed to design,
 my first mini kit Woods

 and i wanted to share with you 
 So go and grab your freebie!!!

You ll propably remember my page 
for the challenge of  Get Creative,
it was made entirely  from this kit !


kits introduction

Let me introduce you some great kits!!!

the first one is Cutie from TemplateDreams

the Berry Blast kit
by Paste Optional Designs

 from Digital Ink and scraps of Candy


New month..

.new challenges
the first one from Get Creative
I think you are going to like this challenge
it is very simple

Your challenge is
 to scraplift one of the design team
make sure you 
name the design team member
in your blog post!
and here is my page, i hope you ll like it 

i m anticipating for your pages!
                                     Our sponsor this month is   Paper Stories !!!

We also have a new digital challenge  at 
is about circles!
template and freebie kit Is this Destiny from AKIZO

A digital Rak will be given for every entry!