Lately i feel that time flies so quickly... i really hate this feeling
and the new challenge of digi dare was the trigger to express it

Digi Dare #264

1. When I was little, time seemed to take forever to pass. Sitting in school, I was forever wishing the clock would hurry up. And I couldn’t wait to turn older to go to Rated R movies, or drink alcohol. But now that I’m older, time flies by! There is never enough hours in the day.
So here is your dare…make it about time. Does time move slowly for you…or fast. Do you manage time, or does time manage you. How do you manage time. How do you keep track of time.
Dare Flair:
*One element of time in it ( at least).
 *If you are talking about being busy, use only patterened paper. If you are talking about time moving slowly, use plain paper only.
 *At least one picture is required, but you can use more.
 *Journaling must be done.


  1. Πολύ ωραία σύνθεση!!! και πόσο επίκαιρη για μένα, είναι απο τους λίγους στόχους που έχω βάλει για το 2012...

  2. Thanks for playing along with this week's Digi Dare!!Love the pic and the circle months!

  3. Αναστασία μου, είναι από τις λίγες συνθέσεις που έχουν τέτοιο ιδιοφυές στήσιμο! Δεν έχω λόγια!