I love.....

 I had an awful week, since we were sick with a virus and i still haven t recover, but the 20ths challenge of GET CREATIVE is here!! 
The challenge is to scrap a layout about the things you love...the twist is it's not allowed to be about people!!!  
I made two layouts for this challenge. The first one is about my love for the sea, but at the beginning it looked more like a painting than a scrapbook, as my friend Irini pointed
 So i added fotos and more journaling
i draw the mermaid and the girl and scannered them and made the strips also.

And the second one is about my love for CHOCOLATE!!! I just can t live without  chocolate...
credits: elements Friendly Scrap


  1. Love both layouts, but really love the sea one ... you are a talented artist!!! :)

  2. I too love the blue sea.. your drawing is stunning, as Irini said, you are really a talented girl!!

  3. I love both layouts but I had to choose and I felt the chocolate one was the most effective regarding the challenge....
    by the way I love the photo of you in the sea fantastic shot!!!

  4. i agree, Irini the second one was better :))

  5. i love the one with the sea.....its fantastic!